My name is Lucas Falcão, I’m a Freelance 3d Artist graduated in Design.

I can interpret concept arts and sculpt them with fidelity and appeal in 3d, I can also do retopology with clean and functional topology for animation and games. Lastly, I can work on the look development, to give life and emotion to 3d characters and objects.

I've been working as a freelance since 2016, working mostly with stylized characters for animation, doing modeling and look dev, creating personal 3d illustrations and working on my add-on Auto Eye.

  • Modeling: Solid knowledge in character modeling, but can also model both organic and hard surface objects, delivering low or high poly meshes.

  • Sculpt: Capable of sculpting stylized characters, bringing concept arts for the 3D environment with great fidelity and appeal.

  • Retopology: Great comprehension of how topology works and capable of create clean and functional topology for animation.

  • UVs: Know how to unwrap meshes creating UVs without stretching or as minimal as possible and organized as needed.

  • Texturing: Has the ability to create appealing textures consistent with the weather and that tell about the storytelling of the character or object.

  • Materials: Understandment of how surfaces works in real life, to create both believable and artistic results in 3D renderings.

  • Lighting: Knows the fundamentals of color and light to create natural and appealing images that values the shapes and story.​

  • Hair and Fur: Capable of creating stylized and appealing hair and fur.